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SKTRAINS HLE11-12-21-27...

Price €50.00

The series 21 locomotives (SNCB) are electric locomotives of the Belgian Railways (SNCB) equipped with thyristor choppers to modulate the power at start-up. They are technically very similar to the class 27, but with a lower power.

The series 11 and 12 locomotives are directly derived from these locomotives, and have the necessary equipment (for signalling and electrical voltage) to operate in the Netherlands and France respectively.

SKTRAINS Full pack

Price €100.10 Regular price €215.00 -€114.90

This pack contains all SKtrains products which represents a discount of 74 €.

Content of the pack:

  • HLE13
  • HVI10
  • HVM6
  • HV(R) I11
  • AM96+livery pack
  • M4
  • AM86
  • HLE21-27
  • AM80 +NL
  • HLD55 Jellow + blue