Today I have the pleasure to share with you information about the future of SKTRAINS which thanks to all of you is growing and in the coming weeks will take a major turn in the products we offer!

Soon, it will be possible to order very detailed train reproductions (of the SNCB for the moment) in different sizes as decoration objects.

These models have a manufacturing process that takes a little time but allows a very high level of detail! The scale will vary between 1/20 for the largest to 1/50.

It will be a limited collection and therefore it will be possible to obtain only on order.

Soon I will publish pictures of the first prototype which is a HLD62 ! Other models will see the days !

Today it is possible to help us to have more material which could increase the level of productions and to lower the cost to be able to propose them to you at interesting prices according to the size, the cost of materials and the labour.

How can you help us?

By buying an "investment voucher" with a value between 10 and 100€ (10, 20, 50, 100). You will receive in exchange a discount voucher ranging from 10 to 50% (depending on the investment) valid for 1 year on ALL products (current and future) unlimited :flushed: .

Thanks to this we can invest to offer you more quality content and you will gain savings on the products!  

This type of "investment voucher" will only be available during the following period:

from 25/04/2023 to 31/05/2023 inclusive

How to buy these vouchers?

By making a bank transfer with your first and last name and email address of your customer account.

Here is the information for the transfer:

Account number : BE39 7320 5918 6219
Name:                 SKTRAINS
BIC:                    CREGBEBB

Soon I will launch a survey to know the type of model most wanted !

Thank you to all those who support us and who make that today I can offer content for TS but also now physical content !