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TGV Thalys Pack V7.1

Welcome to the [ESL] Thalys & TGV Pack for Train Simulator 20xx

This pack includes around circa. 50 repaints including the latest Thalys and TGV Repaints and other TGVs around the world!

What does this pack include?
ca. 50 repaints
- 3D Roof
- 3D Antenna for PBKA and PBKA Gen 1995 and early 2009
- Soundmod for TGV Réseau, Duplex and Euroduplex
- Modified scripts
- Lightmods for Multiple TGVs
- 4K Reskins for most of the Thalys reskins.
- Lots of fun!
- DC pantographs instead of AC.

What is new in the V7.0:

- All the POS are now on KS version including the Renfe S101, And Lyria version
- Euroduplex has been also converted to that version
- Sounds has been reworked
- Most of the TGVs are now equipped with 4 numbering
- Correct Horn has been added